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Patient Testimonials / Patient Reviews of Austin Vascular Surgeons
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“I was amazed at how little discomfort was involved! I am now free of discomfort and the unsightly veins. Amazing!! The office staff were cheerful and professional and my entire experience was totally positive. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is suffering with varicose veins.”

— Mrs. S.B., patient of Dr. Gotvald

“The office staff were pleasant and very helpful. Dr. Gotvald inspired great trust. There was no pain or discomfort during the procedure and very little afterwards. I have recommended the treatment to everyone I’ve met since who has vein problems and will continue to do so.”

— Mrs. D.G., patient of Dr. Gotvald

“The results were noticeable right away. The veins disappeared immediately and have remained unnoticeable- no further varicosities, aching, or swelling. I would be glad to recommend your group and have done so since my procedure.”

— Mrs. N.S., patient of Dr. Gotvald

“The clinic staff was friendly and professional. The nurses were very kind and warm and willing to help me in any way. My after-care visits were just as pleasant as my first visit. They made me feel like one of the family . . . like I really matter to them . . . and I believe I do. Thank you Dr. Gotvald for your God given talents and the warm and caring manner in which you took care of me. Thank you to your staff for their help and kindness. I have recommended you to everyone I have talked to about the laser procedure.”

— Mrs. C.T., patient of Dr. Gotvald

“The staff has been just wonderful! Their concern and care was so genuine and superior to any other medical facility that I’ve been to. Everyone was so informative, supportive, and paid so much attention to detail that I felt that I was in the best of hands. There was minimal pain that was very tolerable both during and after the procedure. I was able to return to most all of my activities within a couple of days. The overall recovery was much quicker than I expected. I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone!”

— Mrs. L.E., patient of Dr. Gotvald

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